Google Desktop Rocks!

Have you ever lost a file?  Maybe you just downloaded something and can’t find it, or you wrote up an extensive “How To” document for some project at work.  Now you need to refer to it, but you can’t find it.

I’ve always used the built in Windows Search, but I was visiting a client one day and he lost a powerpoint presentation he was about to show.  He hit his control key twice and a little Google search dialog box popped up – he typed in a line of text that he knew was in the main body of one of the slides and hit enter.

Within a few seconds, his screen was filled the familiar Google search results, except these were all files on his computer.  A quick look and he found exactly what he was looking for.

I’ve heard of Google Desktop search, but never tried it.  When I returned, I installed a copy and I must say, it’s really paid for itself (it’s free) many times over.  I work with a lot of SQL queries and it’s not unusual have to multiple versions of query files stored in several different directories.  It can be really trying sometimes trying to recall exactly what you were doing or how modified the data in a table, especially when you can’t find the source SQL statements.

With Google Desktop search, I can just type in the table name and it will bring up all of the T-SQL files I’ve saved that have any reference to that table.  What I just found out today and it really came in handy is that it also keeps older versions of the file cached!  So if you made a change and saved it but then realize you need to get something back from an older copy – you can refer to the cached version.

It’s well worth checking out.  I might sound a little bit like a commercial, but it’s only because I really like this tool.

You can get started at:

The only issue you need to watch out for is that it does have the ability to “share” the search results.  The idea here is that if you run it at work AND at home, it can keep track of both of the machines from either machine.  Sounds good, but in order to perform this, it needs to upload the results to Google, so you have to really decide if you want your data flowing all over.  I definitely do not so I opted out of that. 

Try it – You’ll probably love it!


One response to “Google Desktop Rocks!

  1. Very nice site! I’m impressed.
    I just downloaded Google Search.

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