Losing Focus (Your Windows Focus)

Have you ever been typing something like an email or other document and had something pop-up into the front of the screen? Usually it’s something like “Do you want to cancel this download?” and you are in the middle of typing about Yanni’s concert or something and right as you type the “Y” in Yanni – the pop-up pops up and you cancel your download.

Ever done that or had that happen? Do you hate when that happens? Maybe you just hate how windows constantly puts items in the front of your screen whenever it wants something. Well, there is hope.

Microsoft has a tool called TweakUI that will allow you to stop this. Sure, Windows XP is so “has been”, but for those of us bucking Vista – it’s still pretty useful.

You can get TweakUI here:

Once you install it and run it, look at the General / Focus options:

You can check the “Prevent Applications from stealing focus”. I also turned on the “Flash taskbar button until I click on it” just because maybe it really is something important like “There’s a sale at Penney’s!”


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