Clipmarks, Digg, Buzz & Delicious

Continuing my web tripping adventure – I’ll say this – there are a lot of tools that do the exact same thing – or a flavor of the same thing:

Digg allows you to post a story and people vote on it (“DIGG” it) or you can just go “digg” other people’s stories. Oh, neat, right?

Clipmarks lets you post a story and then people can vote on it (“POP” it) – hey, wait, that sounds familiar.

The only feature that drove me away from Digg and over to Clipmarks was the one that lets me post immediately to my blog. That’s important – I don’t want to just cut/paste someone else’s work into my pages without giving them proper credit and Clipmarks does that for me with little or no effort.

Enter Yahoo! Buzz – Now, Buzz is different – it lets you post a story and then people can vote on it (“BUZZ up!” it). Oh, that’s not different now that I think about it.

So what does it all mean? Well, Digg was #1 for a long time – in fact, I don’t even recall seeing Clipmarks in the running (if there IS a “running”), but now Yahoo! Buzz has skipped to the top of the list. I admit – it looks really flashy plus it has the darn Yahoo name behind it. I only started using it yesterday and I’ve already used it more than Digg in the last 8 months. If they add a “Post to Blog” feature – I would probably leave Clipmarks. I’m funny like that – I enjoy sticking with a tool that does the job and I may be slow to move but once I do, I usually move 100%. (Like that whole Twitter/Plurk/Jaiku conversation – Twitter probably wins).

Where does that leave Delicious is an online bookmarking site. It’s a little like the others in that you can add a bookmark to a story and other people can also add the bookmark. I don’t think you “vote” on the bookmarks. I really like Delicious because I can get to my bookmarks from just about anywhere and there is a wonderfully delicious plug-in for Firefox which just pulls them all into the toolbar – so it’s like they are in the browser. Delicious also has a cool tool where it will POST links to your site on a daily basis – anything you’ve added in the last 24 hours gets automatically written to a post. Unfortunately, Vox doesn’t really support the type of posting that Delicious can do, so I set up a WordPress blog mostly for that purpose.

Why is that necessary? I don’t think it’s “necessary” – but it sure is fun.


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