‘The Grid’ will see 80,000 computer network processing data from LHC

clipped from www.telegraph.co.uk

A network of around 80,000 computers worldwide is being readied for a deluge of data when the Large Hadron Collider starts up, marking a new phase in the use of the web.

The machine will slam subatomic particles called protons together to recreate conditions not seen since an eyeblink after the Big Bang of creation and explore new realms of nature, including finding the Higgs particle that plays a starring role in current theory, holding it together, and helping to endow matter with mass.

Around 300 computer centres in 50 countries will handle data from the vast atom smasher for the next decade, marking what will be the biggest computing exercise in history.

When the experiments get running at the LHC, the four great “eyes” of the machine start observing collisions, they will generate 15 million gigabytes of data every year, that is equivalent to one thousand times the information printed in the form of books annually.

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