Today’s Tweets from Leo

  • 12:11 What @loiclemeur and @seesmic are doing with Twhirl makes it a killer app for micromessaging/microblogging. Not merely a Twitter client. #
  • 01:33 @RickMacMerc Don’t make me cry, Rick. #
  • 01:36 Burn After Reading and steak tacos at The Alamo on 6th St in Austin. If it had been after 5p I might have had a gin and tonic, too. #
  • 02:16 @RickMacMerc Yeah the TWiT and Leoville sites are down. I’ve put in a ticket with Softlayer. This machine has been a lil flaky lately. #

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One response to “Today’s Tweets from Leo

  1. Brad Pitt can be so funny, as long as he’s not taking himself too seriously… in any case, it’s about time someone made good use of his habitually spastic arm movements

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