Today’s Tweets from Leo

  • 10:29 Leo Laporte – Live Search xRank™ #
  • 10:30 Why do dentists start work so early? #
  • 10:39 We were decorating the Christmas tree in the lobby of the radio station (KLOK-San Jose, CA) when I heard the… re: #
  • 14:04 BlackRapid: RS-4 Strap #
  • 19:44 I think @wmmarc has helped me score a 5D Mark II before I leave next week. Thanks Marc! Thanks Bill’s Cameras! Woo hoo! #
  • 20:29 I’m sure this will appeal to his older demo. re: #
  • 20:34 I’m not going to have much time to play with it before I leave so I won’t know what works best. Definitely the… re: #
  • 20:51 Liked "Question for all OSX users: what 3rd party applications do you use that put an icon in the upper right…" #
  • 20:53 From left to right: Adium, Quicksilver, Skitch, Dropbox, Textexpander, ChronoSync, Evernote, and MenuCalendarClock. re: #
  • 20:54 In two weeks the days will be getting longer and the nights shorter. Midsummer night is only months away. Think… re: #
  • 01:35 Leo Laporte – The Tech Guy 515 #
  • 01:35 Daily Giz Wiz 717: Tom Bihn’s Checkpoint Flyer #

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