Hard Lessons in the Importance of Backups: JournalSpace Wiped Out

A “Holy Crap” moment. I’ve never even heard of Journalspace, but – dang!
clipped from lifehacker.com

Blogging service JournalSpace has been completely wiped out after the drives that housed their entire database were overwritten.

The problem was that their backups weren’t actually backups at all. The servers were set up with a mirrored RAID system so that if the primary drive should fail the secondary drive would be used to recover the primary. This alone is risky business, as it only protects you from the failure of one drive. In the case of JournalSpace, the drive didn’t fail but instead the data was overwritten/erased on one drive leading the other drive to follow suite and clear itself. A data recovery team was unable to retrieve the database.

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