You Can’t Friend Me, I Quit!

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I was a late convert to Facebook, the social-networking site that turned five years old Wednesday. I joined about a year ago at age 47, swept up in the massive wave of people turning the corner to the back nine of life, and pitifully trying to do what comes so naturally to our sons and daughters. My own 16-year-old, Grace, literally cried from embarrassment when I told her I was signing up, and she begged me through her tears not to do it. When it was clear that I was serious, she made me promise never to “friend” her. Since I didn’t know what that meant at the time, I agreed. Last week I redeemed myself in her eyes, because I signed off of Facebook forever–or at least until Tuesday.

I had one of those Hallmark movie moments. I was sitting here at work thinking up my next pithy “status update,” which is where you broadcast to all your online buddies in a few words what you’re up to at that very moment–and finally came to my senses. “What the hell have I become?” I cried.

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