Today’s Tweets from Leo Laporte:

  • 19:43 Ding! #
  • 00:44 Did one of my custom workouts #
  • 01:13 Joined the Lose 35 Lbs challenge #
  • 01:13 Joined the Lose 5 Lbs challenge #
  • 01:14 Joined the Lose 10 Lbs challenge #
  • 01:20 OK I’ll play… @wefollow #tech #news #radio – beats Twitter’s bizarre suggested lists. #
  • 01:27 @DylanCombs Glad to oblige! Cheer up! #
  • 01:28 @Recla At least. I hope. My actual goal is closer to 60 pounds. We’ll see if Gyminee, daily HIIT workouts, and determination can do it. #
  • 01:42 @crsierra I don’t think Kevin is all that fond of me any more. I seem to be making lots of enemies among the SF digerati. #
  • 01:43 @weischris I’ve been using I Lose on the iPhone. It’s great but I find it much easier to keep a food log in a browser. #
  • 01:51 Video: Driving via ds1069) #
  • 02:13 @wefollow #tech #news #radio #

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