Today’s Tweets from Leo Laporte:

  • 17:35 Live now, the Daily Giz Wiz with Dick DeBartolo. Discuss here…. [pic] #
  • 21:48 Photo: img_0012.jpg #
  • 22:52 @cairine You can get the Daily Giz Wiz on iTunes or at or watch us record live Tuesdays at 4:30p Eastern #
  • 22:57 Looking for a new theme song for The Tech Guy radio show (rights are expiring on the old theme). Upbeat, rock,… #
  • 23:37 We’d like to get Stephan Wolfram on our science show on TWiT to talk about Wolfram Alpha & math education. Anyone… #
  • 00:29 Video: Fire Eating, via sarah. word. – A website by Sarah Lane – Blog – Just another day at the TWiT cottage #

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