Today’s Tweets from Leo Laporte:

  • 15:04 After the radio show today at 2p Pacific I’ll be interviewing Stephen Wolfram about Wolfram Alpha. #
  • 15:21 Any questions you’d like me to ask Stephen Wolfram this afternoon? #
  • 21:21 When I ride my recumbent it looks like the circus is coming to town. Maybe that’s why some yahoo in a pickup threw a bottle at me. Missed. #
  • 21:32 90 degrees. But the water’s fine! #
  • 22:47 RT: Three of the top 25 Kindle books are diet books. One of the top 25 is a cookbook. (via @dane) #
  • 01:48 At the Harmony Sweepstakes. Longing for just one electric guitar. Love Notes’s version of Bohemian Rhapsody was pretty wow, though. htt … #
  • 02:41 @Ogre I used to own a pair of lederhosen. You’re supposed to wipe your butter knife on it for that glossy sheen. #
  • 02:46 @kaijuu Recumbent bike’s from – they sent me one for review now can’t get me off. I’m thinking of mounting a PC on it. #
  • 02:49 There’s no link to Love Notes’ Bohemian Rhapsody but here’s their MySpace page: #

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