Installing Small Business Server 2008 and SQL 2005 Part 1

I’m in the middle of an SBS 2008 premium installation – I say “in the middle”, but I’m actually about to start the fourth version of the install.  The first two fell over into the swamp.  The third caught on fire and THEN fell it he swamp – the fourth one – AH – it’s going to be right.  I looked all over the internet for “hints” about the install as Microsoft only provided me with the media.  I took said media and plowed forward much like the original adventurer in Zork I – but the troll just got me.  Something to do with SQL and Domain servers, etc – in any case, I can’t install the tools I need and I think it’s because I botched the install so I’ve decided to start documenting my endeavor just in case someone else might run into similar problems.  There is a LOT of information out there, it’s just not always easy to find.

So – to start off, I am going to install SBS 2008 Premium on a (as far as you know) generic computer.  This is actually the easy part, but there is one thing to remember – the good old “administrator” account gets disabled after the installation.  I take it that this is being done for security reasons – so during the process you will actually make your own “custom” administrator account.  Don’t lose the password, whatever you do.

I will report back after this step is complete.


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