Don’t text while walking? Girl learns the hard way

I can’t wait until she gets behind the wheel.
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We’ve seen stories on the dangers of DWT (driving while texting). But are we now facing the growing problem of WWT (walking while texting)?

Alexa Longueira,a 15-year-old from Staten Island, learned a painful lesson about the hazards of texting recently. While intent on text messaging as she walked on a sidewalk along the New York borough’s Victory Boulevard, she stepped right into an open manhole, sending her several feet into the raw sewage below.

The manhole had been left open briefly by the Department of Environmental Protection just as workers were grabbing some cones to cordon off the area.

“The DEP is conducting a full investigation of what happened during a manhole incident on Victory Blvd. where workers were flushing a high-pressure sewer on Wednesday evening.
Jumping into action, the parents have already said they’re considering a lawsuit. Mother Kim Longueira holds the DEP at fault, telling FOXNews, “Something like that should never have happened.
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