Today’s Tweets from Leo Laporte:

  • 16:07 Working on doing my radio show live from Dubai during TEDx 10/10 then live from Vegas during CES in Jan. I sense a trend. #
  • 17:16 My BP always goes up in the Drs office. Is 146/90 "white coat hypertension?" #
  • 17:20 @DublinBen I just Skyped with Giorgio in Dubai. I think there’s a lot of misunderstanding about Dubai. I’m going there to learn the truth. #
  • 18:30 Sugar’s high too (104), LDL marginal. Doc says he’ll give me the Levitra if I lose weight. Bribe or blackmail? #
  • 19:13 @Krewell He called it "metabolic syndrome" but it amounts to the same thing. Must. Lose. Weight. #
  • 19:18 @chilkotardis I just checked and Windows Weekly is downloading just fine here. Sometimes the server network has localized failures, though. #
  • 19:23 @jeffhobbs I work out a lot. Doc says I’m pushing too hard. I’ve been keeping my heart rate TOO high and going anaerobic. #

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