Today’s Tweets from Leo Laporte:

  • 08:56 RT @cingrand: "Plein Ecran retourne chez les rois du podcasting, @leolaporte et @revision3" Roi? I like it! #
  • 15:01 Ack. I recommend Smugmug on the radio show and it’s down. What’s going on @smugmug? They NEVER go down! #
  • 19:33 I’m glad I follow @amazonmp3 – today’s daily special is surprisingly good. $1.99 for 15 Warren Zevon covers. Esp. Adam Sandler and The Boss. #
  • 20:06 So I end up buy two more Warren Zevon albums. Score: Amazon $18 Leo 0. And I even have a Zune Pass! Bezos is a brilliant marketeer. #
  • 21:14 @Ihnatko Where the hell did you come from? That much talent in one person is scary. #

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