Today’s Tweets from Leo Laporte:

  • 10:49 On stage at TEDx Dubai the day before with James and Natasha. #TEDx #
  • 10:50 Camel races. #
  • 00:16 Up and at ’em. My TEDx Dubai speech is in three hours. No streaming but they will record. Gotta think of something new to say. #tedx #
  • 01:17 Looks like we’ll be doing re-runs of the Tech Guy this weekend. It’s way too expensive to make an international ISDN call. Sorry! #
  • 02:14 Backstage with @masarat of 8 Day Academy and Bruno Giussani, European Dir. of TED & Paul Bennett who don’t tweet. #
  • 03:16 I’m up next. Here’s a picture from backstage. #tedx #
  • 04:03 All done. Now I get to hear all the great presentations without stressing about mine. Phew! Paul Bennett. Excellent. #TEDxDubai #
  • 07:12 @wildpeeta was fantastic. Now I’m craving shawarma. #tedxdubai #

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