Today’s Tweets from Leo Laporte:

  • 23:53 Dane and I check-in at the Hilton around 10p tomorrow, spend all Friday at the show, keynote 5:45p, then home. See you at Blogworld! #BWE09 #
  • 00:26 @ryanblock We’re going to be doing TWiT Live from CES on Friday and the radio show on Sat and Sun. Please join us! #
  • 01:50 @dane Congratulations on 15 years of success as the best independent ISP in NorCal! (We love our EFM!) #sonicnet. #
  • 02:10 RT @zcondren: "@leolaporte The Newtek VT5 is ready to rock and roll" – thanks Zane and Colleen. Can’t wait to try it tomorrow! #
  • 08:02 @vincentcu I think BWE is going to be one massive tweet-up. This thing is going viral. But no time outside that I’m afraid. #

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