Windows XP – Right Click takes a long time

I’ve been fighting this problem for awhile where I would right-click on a file and it would take almost a minute to get a menu.  Sometimes, the system would just lock up.

I went through a lot of Google searches over time and today I finally found the culprit thanks to this article:

and a tool called


The best piece of advice on troubleshooting this type of behavior is to open your network settings and disable your network card.  I’m assuming most people are 100% online these days so the comment “When your network is enabled” didn’t originally catch my eye.   However, when I disabled my network connection, my right click worked fantastic.

Bingo!  The error is something to do with the network.  I used RegScanner to find any registry setting that was pointing to some obscure UNC path on the network and I actually found 3 references to a server that no longer exists on my network.

I removed those entries and the problem immediately went away.

Before you go removing certificates and dropping shell extensions (both were other ideas – and completely valid for some people), try turning off your network and running a quick test.

It worked for me.


One response to “Windows XP – Right Click takes a long time

  1. Sorry but this does not makes sense if you are on a network and you disable it you wont be able to access the network am I missing something here

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