Friday Summary


Did you do anything amazing this week?

> Cleaned up my office.

Did you learn anything new?

>If you want to develop iPhone apps, you should use a Mac.

Did you try anything new?

>A new (to me) Wii game – Pinball Hall of Fame – The Gottlieb Collection – it’s awesome!

Anything you didn’t complete that you wanted to?

>I didn’t fill that hole up in the yard like I wanted to.


>Because it was too cold.

Okay, carry on.


One response to “Friday Summary

  1. You never told me you were on WordPress, you total bastard. Or maybe you did and I forgot. 😉 So glad to see you here. Livecloud keeps shutting down my laptop!! Is Jamie doing well? Where is she these days?

    My boyfriend is obsessed with vintage pinball machines and if they weren’t hundreds of dollars and impossible to ship, I’d buy him one.

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