DropBox – Why it’s cool.

Contrary to popular belief, I don’t jump on all of the latest technology.  If I hear about a new site, I may run out and grab a free account just so I can claim my name for the future, but I don’t always start using the product.  A good example are a few of the Blackberry apps for keeping track of to-do lists, yeah, sorry – I still like a notepad for that.

However, I just started using a product called Dropbox which I love.  You can get a free account that allows you up to 2 gigs of space.  Dropbox installs on your computer and makes a set of folders under your My Documents area.  Anything you put into that set of folders gets copied to your internet Dropbox account.  This means you can access it anywhere, but that’s not all!  If you install it on another computer it syncs the files to the directories on that computer as well.

Basically, you drop a file into it at one computer and by the time you get to your other computer, the file is there waiting for you.  I’ve been using it to get all of my photos and downloads in one place.  Afterall, there isn’t a real point in downloading the same utility on every computer when you can download it just once and have it waiting for you on all of your systems.

Give it a try – it’s free!  They also offer 50 and 100 gig paid plans as well.


2 responses to “DropBox – Why it’s cool.

  1. It’s also compliant with many smartphones, so you can get your files on the move. I store my 1password database in Dropbox so that I can access my passwords anywhere at any time.

  2. I finally put my passwords in there last week. I was holding off moving all of my passwords in there until I gave it a few weeks, but I’m fairly happy with it now. It’s really handy how you can get into it from just about anywhere. I haven’t tried it on my phone yet, but haven’t needed to so far.

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