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Don’t Give Up! Backup…

As an avid tech person and “Google-r”, I have to say that persistence really does pay off. If I can’t figure something out, I’ll usually hit Google and start reading posts related to the issue.  It is astounding how many people post or comment to questions with just the most completely wrong advice on a subject.

My latest issue was very simple – Windows 10 wouldn’t let me do a Windows 7 image backup to my external Seagate drive.

I read a ton of posts with comments ranging from FAT vs FAT32 vs NTFS – I read about Basic vs Dynamic drives – I read about registry settings – I read about GBT vs  MBR – all seemed completely plausible, but I still couldn’t get Windows 10 to write an image to this drive.  I formatted, change types, partitioned – you name it.  Then I forgot about it for a month until I was worried about losing some files so I started digging again.

The issue came down to – get this – DISABLE WINDOWS DEFENDER REAL TIME PROTECTION for the duration of the backup.  It worked perfectly.  I’m not saying people are idiots or anything, just that everyone wants to help out and a lot of the posts are ‘Well, did you try this?  Or did you try that?’, when what you really need is to find someone who overcame the problem.

I’ve seen this time and time again for many situations – posts and comments where people “try” to help, but they repeatedly miss the mark.

So, my advice for those of you looking for help – keep looking and if someone says it can’t be done or you’re wasting your time – keep looking more.  It might just be possible.