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IIS: Maximum request length exceeded

This usually happens because the you’ve reached a limit on the maximum request length while uploading a file or processing a request.

The default for this setting is around 4mb.

You can edit the web.config with the following lines:

<httpRuntime maxRequestLength=”1048576″ />

This will change the max to around 1 gb.


How to export an SSL certificate from Windows 2000

1. Log into Server using Microsoft Terminal Service
2. Click “Start” > “Run” and type “mmc”
3. A new console will open.
4. Goto “Console” > Add Remove Snap-In
5. Click “Add” > “Certificates” > “Add” > “Computer Account” > “Local Computer” > Finish
6. Expand the Console Root > Personal > Certificates
7. You will see your certificate listed there
8. Right Click on your certificate > All Task > Export
9. Export Private Key, you will have to enter a password to password protect the Private Key
10. Specify a path and file name you want to export the certificate to
11. Click Finish to complete